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Gold and Silver: Use God’s money to anchor yourself during turbulent economic times

You’ve probably noticed sky-high prices for everything: groceries, gasoline and pretty much anything else.

So, we’ve been hearing for a while now about how supply chain and energy shortages are getting worse. And this is thanks to the feds’ ongoing money printing spree. 

You’ve probably noticed people have been spending government cheques on things that were once abundantly produced. Now, a hyper-demand for goods has resulted in short supply. As a result, we are faced with soaring inflation numbers.  That is, 8.1% is the inflation rate in Canada, meaning that the actual numbers are likely higher.

What does this really mean?

Well, high inflation means your dollars are worth less.

And that’s not good news.

One way to protect your hard-earned money from erosion is to invest in precious metals like gold and silver. You know, like people did way back in the good ole’ days. Back then, gold and silver were considered God’s money.

Why? Because precious metals are real, tangible physical assets that have stood the financial test of time.

Gold and silver really are God’s money. Let me explain. 

Did you know that paper money is not backed by anything?

 It’s called “fiat” currency meaning that it’s not backed by any real commodity but instead by government decree, thanks to President Nixon. 

In 1971, Nixon took the USD off the gold standard. Since then, we’ve had free floating currency, not anchored to anything. So, what you really have are pieces of paper in your wallet that are losing value every day.

Here’s a practical example to illustrate this. In 1965, 2500 ounces of silver could buy you one Ford Mustang. In 2020, you could’ve bought two of them with the exact same amount of silver.

Since the dawn of civilization, gold has been regarded as the metal of the sun. Gold with its glorious shine and radiance promotes many things. For example, gold signifies light, love, self-reliance, generosity, security, positive energy and abundance.

Silver is the metal of the moon with high electrical conductivity, industrial and medicinal properties that have been used for ages. In fact, silver promotes cooling, calmness, intuition, cleansing and deflects negativity.

Unquestionably, gold and silver have many special health and healing benefits. Their inherent value and uses have been passed down over generations across the world. 

I can recall at various times in my life my mother telling me to wear some more gold to lift my energy, or to switch to silver to give my spirit protection. Many cultures have long used precious metals for healing the mind, body and spirit.

Chances are, you also have a favorite piece of gold or silver jewelry that you just love wearing, for whatever reasons. 

On the financial side of things, gold has been called God’s money by financial experts, most notably by Robert Kiyosaki. And he’s absolutely right. It’s been used for centuries as a store of value in many parts of the world.

In India, where I’m from, gold and silver are traditionally given as part of a bride’s dowry as beautiful, ornate jewelry and coins. It’s an ancient practice and a form of financial security for the bride. 

And I vividly remember my mother and grandmother’s saying “sell your jewelry only if it’s absolutely necessary.” Why? Because a gold chain could be bartered or melted into a coin and used for transactions during hard times.

And it’s worth mentioning a very practical side to physically carrying some gold or silver bullion with you. Unquestionably, a couple of silver coins could come in very handy in an emergency situation.

So, allow me to illustrate what an emergency could look like.

Last year, during a cell outage in Canada, all ATMs and cellular service by a major network provider were down for about 24-48 hours across the country. 

People’s cellphones just didn’t work. 

And, things we normally are able to do with our phones couldn’t be done. 

For example, my kids couldn’t book an Uber or make payments with their Apple Wallet. Bank apps were inaccessible on phones. I was shocked to find that cash couldn’t ben withdrawn from ATMs. And some banks were suddenly closed.  Heck, you couldn’t send a text message or make a darn phone call! 

The bottom line: cash was king in the moment for anything you needed to buy. As my hubby and I were out for dinner, we overheard someone who had no means to pay for his meal asking the owner if he could pay in gold coins. And to our surprise, the owners enthusiastically said YES!

What would you do if you had no cash? Or no access to your bank accounts?

How you would pay your bills, mortgage, buy food or get to places if you had no means to transact with others?

What if there’s a way to be financially in control over your money, so you’re not at the mercy of your bank?

There are ways.

For example, more people are using cryptocurrencies to do exactly this. But they also share a similar problem like paper money – they’re not backed by anything real and tangible.

You could take all your money out of the bank and hide it under your mattress or in your garden. You’re not earning any interest on it in the bank, so why not LOL.

Or you could transact with others using real gold and silver bullion that you own, in your possession in the event of a grid-down scenario. And escape the financial matrix!

I’m offering my clients a powerful way to save and transact out of the financial matrix. It’s using a proven system that’s gaining a huge global following.

It involves using gold and silver: God’s money. 

It’s a way to seamlessly buy and sell gold and silver bullion in fractional amounts. And you can save it in a vault or at home, and transact with others in your network – easily, effortlessly, whenever you want! And an added bonus: you can also build your wealth by buying collectible coins and just watch your portfolio grow. Yes, all of these things can be done outside of the matrix.

But just to clarify: I’m not a financial expert. Always check with your financial advisor before committing to any investment, especially in these precarious times.

As a grounding coach, I help my clients see that mind-body-spirit health is dependent on your overall sense of security. As Abraham Maslow beautifully articulated, a person thrives when their basic life needs are met. These include food, water, clothing, shelter and safety – which includes knowing you’re financially safe and secure irrespective of world events.

Wouldn’t you agree that feeling financial secure is essential to feeling grounded each and every day? Yes, it most certainly is!

Ground yourself by getting some gold and silver: God’s money. They are time-tested durable symbols of wealth derived directly from Mother Earth. They sparkle, shine and exude a sense of abundance and self-confidence. Sweet!

And don’t think you can’t afford it. I love the ability to buy fractional amounts based on your budget and financial goals. 

So, yes, the world is about to get a whole lot crazier. And the time is now to ground and prepare wisely for the financial reset, in whatever ways make sense to you.

Finally, check out my new book, Get Financially Grounded with Gold and Silver to learn specific strategies to preserve assets, build wealth, escape the matrix and build financial freedom. It’s also available on Amazon and major book distributors worldwide. 

Contact me for a complimentary discover call. Together, let’s see how you can make gold and silver, God’s money a powerful part of your financial strategy. Use precious metals as an insurance policy. Use them to fight inflation, build wealth and discover financial freedom.