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It’s a wild, crazy world!

Do you have the tools to navigate the never-ending storms coming our way?

Are you feeling more stressed and anxious than normal? Worried about the future? Struggling with health or emotional issues? The COVID pandemic has touched us all in some way: a job loss, the loss of loved ones, the loss of relationships, the loss of good, vibrant health, and the loss of our normal way of life including our freedoms that we’ve always taken for granted.

You’re definitely not alone in this upside-down world. And you don’t need to struggle alone.

I am passionate about helping people navigate the increasingly complicated times we are living through. If you’re looking to restore your health and well-being, and even thrive during the chaos surrounding us, let me help you!

The Little Book of Grounding by Karen Sibal, self-help book

My name is Karen Sibal and I’m a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and author. I specialize in empowering clients with uncovering the root causes of illnesses and finding their optimal path to wellness. 

I am also certified in Ayurveda lifestyle teachings, a holistic form of ancient medicine from India, which also focuses on root cause solutions for wellness and vibrant health. 

Karen Sibal, author of The Little Book of Grounding, self-help book

Allow me to share ancient, proven wellness tools that have stood the test of time: meditation, pranayama (breath work), energy medicine, holistic lifestyle choices, positive psychology principles and much more to support your health journey.

I invite you to explore my website: my books and blog and sign up for a subscription plan that brings whole, vibrant health right to your inbox. You can also find me at

Book a free 15 minute discovery call with me before booking any sessions! Let’s unpack your health and lifestyle challenges and get started on discovering what perfect health means to You. 

And Yes, you can definitely thrive in this upside down world!

Thank you for visiting my website.

Make each day the best day of your life!


The little book of grounding

75+ simple ways to restore balance to your mind - body - spirit using ancient ayurvedic teachings for today’s world

Feeling stressed, scattered and disconnected? Chronically anxious, tired and wired?

You’re not alone. Anxiety, stress, fatigue and chronic diseases are at unprecedented, global-epidemic levels and are expected to exponentially rise like we’ve never seen before.

The Little Book of Grounding by Karen Sibal, grounding tools for holistic health

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