How To Harmonize Your Home for Awesome Health


We’ve officially entered holiday season and that means prioritizing getting our homes in top shape to celebrate the season with family and friends. And, if we’re not mindful, this time of the year can also become very stressful.

So, it might be timely to reflect on how harmony can be achieved in our home environment.

Quite often, how we feel each day is directly related to what’s going on in our homes.

Let me share some examples:

– A headache could be the result of poor air quality or lighting.

– Your mood and energy levels could be influenced by the colors, lighting and sounds in your home

– Household and beauty products could contain harmful toxins and hormone disrupters that could be making you sick

– Electromagnetic fields (EMF) from your smartphone and other devices could be impacting the quality of your sleep

Curious to learn more? I hope so – this is one of my favorite topics!

Over the next two weeks, I’ll be sharing some tips on my blog on how to transform your home into a sanctuary of wellness, even at this busy time of the year. How? With ancient Ayurvedic lifestyle principles that are fun and easy to implement.

I’ll also introduce you to the concept of Vastu Shastra (often called Vastu for short), the Indian precursor to feng shui. Vastu is an ancient science related to the environment and architecture.

Certain Vastu principles when used correctly can help you stay well, strong, happy, healthy and grounded. Who doesn’t want these benefits as we move through the busiest month of the year and flu season?

Here’s a great grounding tip: open some windows for a few minutes and let some fresh air circulate through your home.

Even if it’s chilly today, there’s no better feeling than inhaling a bit of fresh air while ushering out stale, stuffy indoor air.

Maybe you’ll feel a bit invigorated and your mind will feel lighter.

Opening your windows could be a quick, easy fix to lift your mood, clear a dull headache, rejuvenate your cells, and set a positive, energized tone for the week ahead.

We’ll start with the kitchen – it’s the one place in our homes where we spend so much time. Let’s look at how this space can be easily optimized to achieve your best mind-body health.

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