how to feel more grounded and balanced in autumn

How to Feel More Grounded & Balanced This Autumn

Ahh, the cooler temperatures are here and the days are definitely getting shorter.

We are shifting into autumn, for sure, and the fall colors are on full display this week.

Layering up with sweaters and swapping flip flops for sock sand shoes are some ways we begin to adjust to autumn. However, this season also brings about a shift in our physical and emotional well-being too.

Right now, there’s a lot of instability in the world that can also add to feeling ungrounded and unsettled.

Well, Ayurveda might offer us some clues. How to feel more grounded and balanced this autumn begins with understanding our connection to the world around us.

In Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine that dates back over 5,000 years, autumn is associated with something called the Vata dosha (mind-body type). And all Ayurveda teachings are premised on the five elements of nature: air, space, water, fire and earth.

The Vata dosha is characterized by qualities like dryness, coldness and change.

During autumn, it’s common to feel colder than normal, to have dry hair, flaky skin or we can tend to get colds and migraines. To maintain balance during this transitional time to winter, aligning yourself with the principles of Ayurveda can be the key to staying healthy and strong.

If you’re wondering how to stay grounded and balanced throughout autumn and develop inner resilience to withstand the world’s chaos, read on:

Eat Nourishing Warm Foods

With the cooler temperatures now here, Ayurveda recommends embracing warm, grounding foods. Think soups, stews and hearty grains like wild rice and quinoa. Let’s also include some root veggies which are in abundance right now. Spices like cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg not only add flavor but also help balance Vata. These foods provide warmth and stability your body naturally craves in the cooler weather.

Hydrate Mindfully

As the air becomes drier, staying hydrated is crucial. Sip warm herbal teas like ginger, chamomile or licorice to prevent excess dryness. Avoid excessive consumption of cold beverages and opt for room-temperature or warm water, especially with meals, to help with digestion and to keep your gut balanced.

Create a Routine

Consistency is key to balancing Vata. Establish a daily routine that includes regular meal times, exercise and self-care practices. A consistent daily routine helps ground you during a season known for change and unpredictability.

Give Yourself a Massage

Self-massage (called abhyanga according to Ayurveda)is a self-care practice that you can do daily. Give yourself a massage with warm, nourishing oils to prevent dryness. It also calms the nervous system and provides a sense of stability. Use oils like sesame, almond or coconut and gently massage your body from head to toe before your shower or bath.

Try Some Yoga and Meditation

Autumn is a great time to begin some yoga and meditation. Grounding yoga poses like mountain pose, tree pose or child’s pose help connect you to the earth and create a sense of stability. There are plenty of short little YouTube videos available to show you how to do these yoga poses, and no experience is needed (or ask me to show you how). Meditation can definitely soothe the mind and balance Vata’s erratic energy.

Connect with Nature

Spend time outdoors and connect with the changing seasons. Ayurveda encourages aligning with nature’s rhythms, so take leisurely walks, breathe in the crisp air and observe the shifting colors of the leaves. This connection with nature each day can help restore balance.

Prioritize Rest and Sleep

As the days grow shorter, ensure you get enough restorative sleep. Set a regular bedtime and create a relaxing bedtime routine to support deep, rejuvenating sleep.

Which of these tips will you try to feel more grounded and balanced during autumn?

Curious about developing a personalized plan to help you stay healthy and strong as we approach flu season? It can begin with understanding your unique dosha, or mind-body type according to Ayurveda. Check out this little quiz to figure out your dosha on my website here.

And, if you’d like a free discovery call to explore how Ayurveda can help you stay grounded and healthy this season, contact me here.

Have a peaceful day. Namaste!