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Dealing with a break-up? Use the HEAL technique to ground and mend your relationship

Have you recently experienced the breakdown of a relationship? 

Maybe it’s one with your spouse, your mom or dad, your adult child, sibling or a long-time friend. 

Well, you wouldn’t be the only one dealing with a relationship that’s gone south. The pandemic has affected everyone’s relationships, including my own. Oh, it can be very painful, especially if you were blindsided. 

Perhaps you both suddenly stopped communicating after a heated argument. How do you resolve the conflict, if you feel the relationship can be salvaged?

Otherwise, how do you move forward with a peaceful heart if you simply agree to disagree?

If you’re grieving the loss of a relationship, it will naturally affect how you show up in the world each day. 

Are you angry, resentful, sad, bitter, anxious, irritable or confused? 

Of course, you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t feel one or more of these emotions. Any of them can leave you feeling unsettled and ungrounded. 

Not good!


Try the HEAL technique to mend your relationship

HEAL stands for: 

Hear the other person and validate their concerns 

Empathize with them and really hone into the other person’s feelings 

Act to address concerns in the relationship and follow through, and 

Love with an open heart (this is often the absolute hardest thing to do!).

 The HEAL technique can actually help you find your calm and feel grounded with specific steps, and eventually mend that special relationship. 

Read more about the HEAL technique and how to use it in this article from Psychology Today. 

Looking for some more tools to help you process a relationship breakdown? The HEAL approach will likely not work if you’re involved with a narcissist. Contact me to explore specific strategies for your situation.

coaching session with me can bring clarity to your relationship and guide you towards finding inner peace. I’ll show you how to ditch negative emotions that might be weighing you down and harmful to your health, and how to move forward with a healthy mind and heart. 

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