Get a Great Workout in 5 Minutes Doing This 


Who doesn’t want a great, easy workout that doesn’t take much time?

Well, I have an awesome activity for you to try.  It will leave you feeling grounded, amazing and balanced. And you can do it under 5 minutes!

Anyone can do it, It doesn’t matter what physical shape you’re in, or even if you have an underlying medical condition. And your age doesn’t matter either.

What the heck am I talking about?

It’s an exercise called Laughter Yoga.

Yes! Now, don’t let the word “yoga” scare you. You don’t need to be good at yoga. In fact, if you’ve never tried yoga at all or it has never appealed to you, you’re all good.

Laughter yoga is simple to do. Here’s how you do it in two easy steps:

1. Find something funny that makes you laugh out loud. It could be a comedy show, a meme on social media, a joke you remember, something funny that happened to you or someone you know, or something silly that your pet, child or grandchild did. It could even be a silly, funny memory from your past or childhood.

2. Whatever your funny thing is, just remember it and begin laughing. If it feels awkward to get started, start with a smile, then a giggle, and before you know it, you’ll be laughing out loud 😊

Why is Laughing Out Loud a Form of Yoga?

When you laugh your cheeks off (you can decide which ones, or maybe it’s both sets LOL), your entire body is involved. Every organ gets massaged when you laugh really hard. You release negative hormones like cortisol and those feel-good hormones called endorphins kick in.

Laughing hard also increases your heart rate and reduces heart-rate variability. It burns calories, can reduce blood pressure, boost immunity, minimizes existing pain and discomfort, and lowers stress and levels of depression. This is why laughter yoga is a full body workout with incredible healing benefits that you can realistically do in under 5 minutes. You’ll feel great, happy, grounded and balanced afterwards. Not bad, eh?!

So, let’s find something that makes you laugh out loud for a few minutes!

Need a few giggles to get going? Check out this video:

This parrot reminded me of the one my grandma had who would swear at the hired help every morning, imitating her LOL (this one here has a clean, cute vocabulary). That memory makes me LOL every single time, and that was decades ago. 😊

There’s so much truth to the saying: laughter is the best medicine!

It’s free and it definitely works 😊

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