Discover your Dosha (Mind/Body Type)

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What exactly does "dosha" mean?

“Dosha” is a fundamental concept in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine. And doshas are definitely a different way of thinking about the human body and how it works. Basically, understanding your dominant dosha or mind-body type is seen by Ayurvedic practitioners as key to achieving optimal health. 

Essentially, there are three doshas in Ayurveda: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. 

Most notably, the doshas arise from the five elements (mahabhutas) of nature: air, space, water, fire and earth.

In Ayurvedic philosophy, the human body is made up of these three doshas. They are believed to be responsible for our physical, mental and emotional characteristics. The three doshas are also a way of classifying the three stages of human life, the seasons and other cycles related to living in harmony with the universe.   

Essentially, each dosha is associated with specific qualities and functions. When they are balanced within our mind-body, they contribute to our overall health and vitality. However, when one or more doshas are imbalanced,  an illness, disease or other discomfort can show up. Therefore, understanding your dosha and when it tends to fall out of balance can also be the key to preventing illnesses and diseases, too. 

The doshas (mind-body types) defined

Let’s take a closer look at the doshas:

Vata dosha is responsible for movement and is associated with qualities such as lightness, dryness, and coldness. When Vata is imbalanced, you might feel anxious, nervous or have dry skin.

Pitta dosha is responsible for digestion and metabolism and is associated with qualities such as heat, sharpness, and intensity. When Pitta is imbalanced, you might experience more angry flare ups compared to normal. You might also be dealing with inflammation like acne, eczema, hives or an autoimmune disorder. And finally, a pitta aggravation can mean you might be experiencing digestive issues. 

Kapha dosha is responsible for structure and stability and is associated with qualities such as heaviness, oiliness, and coldness. When Kapha is imbalanced, you might be prone to gaining weight. You might also feel lazy and lethargic. Or you might be experiencing brain fog or depression. 

For centuries, Ayurvedic practitioners have used dietary and lifestyle modifications, herbal remedies, pulse assessment, and massage therapy to help balance the doshas and restore health and wellbeing. 

Quite remarkably, Ayurveda is an ancient science that still works today.

By understanding your dosha, you can make more informed choices about your diet, exercise and daily routine to find your optimal health and prevent diseases from taking root. 

When your dosha is balanced, you feel grounded. 

Take the quiz: discover your dosha (mind-body type)

Write down the most appropriate letter:

1. What is your body type?

a) Tall, thin and lanky

b) Medium build, well-proportioned

c) Stocky and muscular


2. What is your skin type?

a) Dry, rough and thin

b) Soft, warm and sensitive

c) Oily, thick and cool


3. What is your hair type?

a) Dry, brittle and frizzy

b) Fine, soft and silky

c) Thick lustrous and oily


4. What is your appetite like?

a) Irregular, often skipping meals

b) Strong and regular, hungry at meal times

c) Strong and constant, always hungry


5. What is your sleep pattern?

a) Light and easily disturbed

b) Moderate, sleep well most nights

c) Deep and heavy, may oversleep


6. How would you describe your energy level?

a) Restless and always on the go

b) Moderate and steady

c) Slow and steady with bursts of energy


7. How do you respond to stress?

a) Anxious and worried

b) Impatient and irritable

c) Calm and collected


8. What’s your personality like?

a) Creative and imaginative

b) Focused and goal-oriented

c) Caring and nurturing

Understanding your results

Now, let’s tally up your answers to find out your dosha:

Mostly A’s: Vata dosha.  You have a Vata constitution, which means you are creative, quick-thinking, and energetic. You may experience anxiety, worry, and restlessness at times. To keep your dosha in balance, try to establish a regular routine. And take time to relax and destress.

Mostly B’s: Pitta dosha.  You have a Pitta constitution, which means you are focused, driven, and ambitious. You may experience impatience, irritability, and inflammation at times. To keep your dosha in balance, aim to maintain a cool and calm nature, eat cooling foods, and avoid excessive heat.

Mostly C’s: Kapha dosha. You have a Kapha constitution, which means you are caring, nurturing, and patient. You may experience slow digestion, lethargy, and weight gain at times. To keep your dosha in balance, stay active, eat light and warming foods, and try to exercise every day.

If your answers are equally split among two or three letters, you could be bi-doshic or tri-doshic. My book, the Little Book of Grounding has a detailed dosha quiz to help you delve more deeply into discovering your unique mind-body type. 

Reflect on your dosha (mind-body type) score

Take  some time now to reflect on your score and your dosha. And then pause and think about any health issues you are currently dealing with? For example: are you dealing with weight gain? It could be you’re a kapha mind-body type. Are you feeling scattered, anxious and spacy? You might be dealing with a Vata imbalance. Ask yourself: do they make sense based on your mind-body type and what you know about yourself? Maybe you have more questions!

In summary, knowing your dosha is a great starting point for understanding, grounding and recalibrating your mind, body and spirit into balance. As nature intended.

Curious about learning more?

An Ayurvedic doctor or practitioner can help you identify your dosha more precisely. Typically, an Ayurvedic consultation involves a pulse assessment, a customized diet and lifestyle recommendations based on your unique dosha.

As a certified Ayurvedic lifestyle instructor, I would love to help you discover your dosha type. I can also coach you on appropriate lifestyle practices to help you feel grounded and more centered every day.

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