Financial Grounding Tips

Feeling financially secure is essential to feeling grounded each day.

feeling financially stressed

Got money worries? You're not alone.

Without a doubt, millions of people are currently dealing with financial stress. 

Maybe it’s the loss of employment or the closure of your small business. Combined with high inflation and personal debt levels, more people are struggling to put food on the table and maintain a roof over their head. And now we’re seeing technology is rapidly taking over traditional jobs thanks to AI and tools like Chat GPT and robots. 

In fact, many of the jobs we’ve worked in are becoming obsolete at an alarming exponential rate.

So, how can we feel financially secure and grounded each day?

Well, it sure seems like it’s impossible to feel financially grounded and secure when the world is changing so fast around us. And not necessarily for the better of humankind. Globally, we are seeing freedom, including financial freedom and individual rights under constant attack.

When we don’t feel financially secure, our health can quickly spiral downwards.

For example, mental stress over not being able to pay bills can quickly translate into something we don’t want in our bodies if we are not paying attention. Like migraine headaches. Or even worse, a chronic debilitating disease or a fatal one. 

Even in highly volatile economic times like now, there are some simple things anyone can do to understand their sources of stress and how to manage them more effectively, and perhaps creatively too. 

Check out my blog posts to see what you can do today to take stock of your financial situation irrespective of how bleak things might seem right now. And begin to feel financially secure and grounded each day, anchored in the economic storm surrounding us.

Book a coaching session: the first step to feeling financially grounded

Isn’t it time you turned the curve on your financial situation?

When you book a coaching session with me, here’s how I can help you:

  • An impartial assessment of your financial situation
  • Activities that explore your unique strengths, experiences,, hobbies and passions
  • An introduction to mindset exercises to help you envision a life that’s financially secure and abundant
  • Coaching on how to develop short-term and long-term financial goals
  • Help with finding employment or business start-up tools based on your goals
  • Guidance with creating your unique action plan for the best years of your life which begin NOW.

Are you retired or a pre-retiree who is concerned about protecting your nest egg? 

Given the recent bank failures in the US, more people are turning to alternative investments to diversity their hard-earned savings. You won’t want to miss my latest book, Get Financially Grounded with Gold and Silver

While I’m not a financial advisor, my book points out some alarming trends in the global markets and the steps you can take to mitigate risks and safeguard your retirement accounts. Also, you’ll know the important questions to ask your bank or financial advisor to make fully-informed investment decisions during these precarious times. 

Irrespective of how difficult your financial situation might seem right now, it is possible to thrive in the new emerging economy with the right mindset, skills, planning and personal vision. I recommend just 1-2 sessions for most people to gain clarity. Quite often, just having someone impartial to speak with can be the game-changer to getting on the path of feeling financially grounded. 

Book a complimentary session with me today and let’s get going!