5 Ways your Smartphone is Making you Dumb

Ah, but we LOVE our darn phones so much! Unquestionably, smartphones are beloved extensions of our fingertips.  We simply cannot go anywhere or do anything without them.  Of course, they provide infinite conveniences, boost productivity and provide endless entertainment.  But, we also know they are addictive and any addiction by definition is harmful to your […]

Why Junk Silver isn’t junk

As a mid-life investor, you may have heard of the term ‘Junk Silver’. Maybe you thought it had something to do with outdated, useless currency. Or maybe you never really knew what junk silver really was. Whatever your notions are about junk silver, they’re likely to be wrong. Despite its name, ‘junk’ silver is actually […]

Gold and Silver: Use God’s money to anchor yourself during turbulent economic times

You’ve probably noticed sky-high prices for everything: groceries, gasoline and pretty much anything else. So, we’ve been hearing for a while now about how supply chain and energy shortages are getting worse. And this is thanks to the feds’ ongoing money printing spree. You’ve probably noticed people have been spending government cheques on things that […]