The Little Book of Grounding

The Little Book of Grounding

The little book of grounding

75+ simple ways to restore balance to your mind - body - spirit using ancient ayurvedic teachings for today’s world

Feeling stressed, scattered and disconnected? Chronically anxious, tired and wired?

You’re not alone. Anxiety, stress, fatigue and chronic diseases are at unprecedented, global-epidemic levels. And they are expected to exponentially rise like we’ve never seen before.

If you’re looking to slow down, feel better, find inner peace and balance in life, The Little Book of Grounding is for you. Karen Sibal, MA, FMCHC, presents 75+ ways you can easily bring balance to your mind, body and spirit using ancient Ayurvedic teachings blended with positive psychology principles. She shows how they can be easily applied by anyone to restore their health. Also included is a Digital Detox guide with EMF shielding solutions embedded into 25+ practical ways to unplug from technology and plug into a life of meaning, mindfulness, self-care and self-love. 

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Reader reviews


“Karen Sibal has done a wonderful job providing a deeper insight in the most simplistic way of Ayurvedic living each day. It truly reinforces a more holistic approach to life. This book will act as a reference tool for beginners and practitioners. I wish readers all the best on their wellness journey with this book.”

– Nitin Shah, MD (Ayu), Goodlife Ayurveda, Toronto, Ontario

“The Little Book of Grounding gives the reader simple yet brilliant strategies for creating more balance in busy daily lives. The author beautifully describes the body types according to Ayurveda. She also shares many practical grounding techniques to reduce stress and bring awareness to our higher self. In this age of uncertainty, what has been missing in our lives is the connection to Mother Earth. This is the source of life itself, peaceful silence, energy and vibrancy. This book has been shared to the world in a very timely manner. It’s a great resource when our lives have become so mechanical, noisy and fast-paced. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for peace and well-being at both physical and energetic levels.”

– Dr. Melody N. Eskandari DC; Certified Yoga Therapist, FMCHC, Los Angeles, California

“This book is a gem full of life changing diamonds and pearls.  Some people search their whole life looking for these tools.  Karen Sibal makes this book so easy to read. This book is like a roadmap to good vibrant health.  It’s a must read for anybody looking to become grounded and balanced.  I will recommend this book to my clients as a must read.”

– Stephanie Gump, FMCHC, Simply Grounded Health Coaching, Chicago, Illinois

“We become what we practice. Within this book, Karen Sibal offers us timely and useful wellness tips on many levels. She shows anyone how to steer the mind-body-spirit into a natural state of good health and balance. This comprehensive guide introduces readers to ancient Ayurvedic principles that, if applied, will bring healing and harmony into their life. Karen guides us how to achieve the healthy state of ojas by grounding our bodies, minds, emotions and soul. Undoubtedly, this book will benefit and empower all who reach for it and incorporate the recommendations so generously offered by Karen.”

– Halina Kurowska, Living with A.W.E. – Awareness Wisdom Empowerment, Mississauga, Ontario

“Relatable! Informative! Great Read! I was reminded of what I seemed to have forgotten about grounding and how wonderful and effective it can be. I loved the exercises in this book and I will be incorporating so many of these into my daily life” Thank you!” 

– Brenda Dickenson, LMT, FMCHC, Integrative Healing Arts, Cary, North Carolina

The Little Book of Grounding by Karen Sibal, self-help book