10 Ways To Unplug And Recharge Your Batteries


It’s the time of the year where we turn the clocks back an hour and get an extra hour of sleep. What a great time to simply unplug from your digital devices and recharge your batteries!

Here are some awesome ideas for self-care that give your mind and a break from technology and re-energize your body and spirit too:

1. Sleep in, even if it’s a few extra minutes!

2. Go out to dinner with friends or family and make a pact that no one will check their phones.

3. Catch a movie, a concert or a performance.

4. Go to the gym, or take in a yoga or fitness class at your local community center. Or play some golf.

5. Go to the public library and read a real book.

6. Attend Sunday service in person at your place of worship.

7. Get a deep tissue massage, a facial or a haircut.

8. Try a meditation.

9. Go for a walk or hike. Hug a tree while you’re at it. 😊

10. Walk barefoot on the grass, or sit on a chair with your bare feet on the ground, and enjoy a cup of tea.

Ok, so tip #10 might be challenging if there’s rain or cooler temperatures in the forecast, but you can try it under cloudy skies for a couple of minutes … 10 if you’re brave.

Try one or a couple of these activities today, or sometime this week.

Isn’t it time to show your mind-body some self-love?

Make the most of the extra hour of sleep to simply unplug and recharge your batteries.

Want a deeper dive on this topic? I’d love to help you!

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